4X Race report - Oscar Powell

4X Race report - Oscar Powell
Saturday, 20th May 2017

Round one of the British 4x series usually marks the start of another season for me and last weekend came around quicker than ever!

I felt like I was in the right place moving up a category to junior after winning the youth series last year and was pretty stoked to be racing along side some big boys!

The track was a bit of a nemesis for me, I've never managed to get a good result there, but a good dump of rain on Saturday night bedded in the dust making for a prime surface.

After a few mechanicals, some crashes, a classy bodge and a couple of yehoos I was ready to race.

Due to lack of numbers we had to race in a Grand Prix format, meaning that every race counted. This added a wee bit of pressure whilst getting loaded into the gate.

Having not gated since the end of last season getting the power down seemed weirdly hard but after a couple of mums magic and protein bars and some gentle encouragement from a mate I was on form and ready to push some ponies.

Practice was over and it was time to get loaded up for the first moto.

The gate dropped and I got the snap, keeping first place into the crucial s bends I knew I would have to keep it wide open to come out on top.

Luckily I managed to keep it together and lead the way towards the pro section. No dramas through the jumps and it to the last two corners. I pushed a little two hard it the last turn and got a bit loosy goosy towards the end. Luckily I managed to hold it together and secure the win.

I took the win in my second and third motos leaving me in a good position for the finals.

Come finals time I was fully fired up and ready to go. I got the snap and made it stick through the s bends. A bit of a boost of the pro line and no dramas through the bottom section secured me the win making my day a clean sweep!

Great to have another win under my belt putting me in a good position for the next race at Harthill in a months time.

Now time get training with coach Greco and do some downhill runs and 417 and FoD. Might even make a trip to Gawton to sample some southern downhill tracks!

Until next time.